About Teamroll

Teamroll helps everyone on your team keep on top of who’s working on what and when.

Remember when we used to all work in the office and there’d be a wall chart where you could see important project milestone dates, company events as well as employee leave and public holidays?

You could have been on the phone to someone, and a quick glance would be all you needed to see your team’s capacity.

Teamroll is your new digital wall planer to easily keep on track of things, without the need for emergency Zoom calls or Slack huddles.

  • Quickly identify when your pipeline needs filling up, or when you to jump into recruitment mode…before it’s a problem
  • Give realistic and reliable estimates when you’re asked on the spot how Project X is going, or when Project Y can start.
  • Never be caught off guard by upcoming staff leave (because did you really think you’d be able to get away asking Jenny to postpone her 2 week honeymoon??)

In addition to this, we also share content on how remote teams can work better, and more efficiently through asynchronous work.


Meet the Team

Teamroll started as a project within Orchid, a software development company running since 2010. It’s based on a tool we created internally to solve capacity issues when fulfilling our client software development projects.

We’re based in New Zealand and are all remote, though we do have a head office in Auckland to meet with clients and to have occasional brainstorming sessions. If you’re ever in our neck of the woods, feel free to drop us a line!

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